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Shot peening is an efficient and much used method for cleaning stainless steel and aluminium. It is a way of blasting which not uses the normal grit, but shot peen. The most important advantages of shot peen blasting are:

- it cleans
- it refines the product
- it reduces the attachment of dirt
- it hardens the surface

Shot peening quickly and thoroughly cleans the material. Fat and other dirt are removed (if the material is really fat, it is degreased first). The refining means that after this treatment, the surface shines gleaming. Above that, dirt hardly attaches to the surface anymore after shot peening. Another advantage is that the surface hardens and therefore becomes more solid.

Passivating and waxing
It is recommended to rest a product for 24 hours after it is shot peened to passivate. The material needs this time to harden. If you don’t give it this time there is a chance that fats undo the effects of shot peening; fingerprints etc. remain to be seen. If you however really have to use the product before that time, you can let us wax it. This waxing protects against fats (this way you can for example still assembly the product the same day), but gives a mat effect.

Shot peening is for example used in machine construction. Especially for machines in the food industry this method is very popular.

Special effects on wood and glass
Shot peening is also used to get special effects on wood and glas. The effect on wood is that the color lightens and that the grains become more clear. The wood then looks more natural. Often the product is varnished after this treatment.
The effect of shot peening on glass is that you get a sort of frosted glass. This effect is used a lot in design furniture .

The measures of our cabin are: 4 metres wide, 3 metres high and six metres long. The maximum weight an object may have is 2000 kilo.
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