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Of course Cobla meets all the latest environmental and safety conditions. In our line of business the legislation on this field is very strict and the government carefully watches the commitment to these rules. However, we are also aware of our own responsibility since a healthy and safe environment is in everybody’s interests. Therefore we are always looking for ways to produce even more ecologically sound and safe.

As a part of this policy we try to reduce the amount of paint spraying whenever this is possible. Powdering then is an appropiate alternative. When powdering there is made no use of solvents, in contrast with paint spraying. This way the emission as well as the dangerous waste is reduced to practically none. By doing this, we are also ahead of the by the European Union imposed prescription about the emission of volatile organic substances (VOS-decision). Of course there will always be products which have to be paint sprayed. A good example are materials which can not cope with the high temperatures that are needed in the oven when something is powdered. To make sure that the possible pollution involved with this necessary paint spraying is minimized, we have taken all kinds of measures: liquidproof floors, excellent exhaust hoods, regular maintenance work and transport of dangerous waste by authorised companies. Above that, our employees keep up-to-date in this field by taking courses..

Safety also is a hot issue nowadays. Therefore the rules on this matter are very strict. These rules concern not only safety for the neighbourhood, but for the employees as well. We do everything we can to optimize the working conditions and to make sure that everybody works as safe and healthy as possible. In this area too, the reducing of paint spraying and the stimulating of powdering means an improvement, because of the reducement of solvents.
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