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We are specialised in the restauration of old cars and motorbikes. If you bring us the parts of the chassis and the bodywork, we return them as new. You have to take care of the (dis)assembling yourself. You can either bring the parts yourself or let us pick them up.

How we exactly handle your car or motorbike depends on your wishes. An optimal treatment happens according to the following procedure:
  • sandblasting; the material gets cleaned
  • welding; if this is necessary depends on the state of the material. You have to take care of welding yourself (if welding is necesarry, the material has to be sandblasted again afterwards).
  • metallizing; the application of a layer of zinc which prevents from rust
  • primering; an undercoat
Further treatment depends on your wishes.

Below you find some pictures of the treatment of old-timers and motorbikes.


Examples of a bodywork and rims as they are brought in

Examples of a bodywork and other parts we have treated

Examples of old-timers when they are finished


the parts as they are brought in

sandblasted parts

paint sprayed parts

assembled parts

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